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You access and share data on the internet every day. Unfortunately, you probably don't know how that data is used, stored, or transmitted. We can help bring some transparency to those risks.

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Trained Professionals

Urkel employees are trained to consider malicious threats at every turn, and the company meets regularly to evaluate logical security threats.

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Security Standards

We follow standards defined at so cybersecurity specialists can easily identify issues and communicate those issues swiftly.

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Bounty Program

We are working to implement a bug bounty program. Keep an eye on our blogs and product updates for more information!

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Threat Detection

Urkel logs possible security threats and regularly monitors suspicious account activity. Turn on email notifications to get alerts.

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Security at every step

Account protection

User anonymity and privacy as the foremost concern

  • HTTPS for secure communication
  • Password reset options
  • Anti-phishing codes
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Address security pins

Organizational control

Manage your miners' role access and permissions

  • Require Two-factor Authentication for teammates
  • Maintain organizational contact lists
  • Team member login monitoring
  • Diverse role permission
  • Revokable access to non-owners

Priority alerting

Stay in the know when activity occurs on your account

  • Miner performance warnings
  • Suspicious activity alerts
  • Account activity emails
  • Financial and payout updates