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Got a burning question or need help with mining? Checkout out our Frequently Asked Questions below to find the answer.

How do I create a worker name when setting up my miner?

You can set a worker name by appending the name to your username during mining setup: username.workername

How do coins increase in mining difficulty?

Most proof-of-work blockchains establish an "expected" rate of new blocks. For example, Bitcoin is designed to add a new block every 10 minutes on average. When mining hash power enters a network, blocks are found faster and faster on average. Simply speaking, difficulty is the mechanic to counter this increase in discover. Gradually, over some amount of blocks, difficulty of finding blocks progressively increases to keep proof-of-work-chains near the built-in block time.

What are stratum URLs?

Stratum URLs act as the miner-pool interface and exist as the API that you can connect to. Urkel stratum URLs vary depending on the asset in question, but typically follow this pattern: `stratum+tcp://`.