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Change starts with you

Offset your carbon footprint directly on Urkel Pool


Climate security doesn't come easy to mining

Environmentally friendly crypto mining has a long way to go. Bitcoin mining alone generates over 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, and the demand is only increasing.


Existing solutions to counteract carbon emissions are too costly to be used.


Many carbon credit registries take too many fees for themselves, limiting their impact.


Without intervention we risk losing crucial habitats for certain plants and animals.

How do you plan to become carbon neutral

We've decided to partner with MOSS to bring the power of saving our environment back to the user, no matter how much energy they use. Opt in to offset 100% of your carbon footprint.

Unlimited scalability

Keep the full force of your mining fleet with a scalable solution that increases with your miners.

In-pool solutions

No need to navigate to an external site. You can opt in directly within our dashboard.

Simple configuration

Tweak your contribute at any point and enjoy instant updates on the fly.


You are part of the solution

Find out how you can save our world

Join the beta