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About Urkel

Urkel was created to service enterprise and institutional miners with the highest level of compliance and auditing practices and simply those tired of being left in the dark or at the realms of pool operators. Urkel Pool is the world's first pay per full, provably fair pay mining pool with a unique rewards model that qualifies to be the first FinCEN, SEC and CFTC compliant pool


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How transparent is your mining pool partner? Can you truly trust them? Are you able to audit them? What do they provide for financial reporting? Who has access to public keys? Who can make dashboard edits? Do I really know if they are taking the fee they say they are taking? How are pools able to offer lower and lower fees? If you are unable to answer the majority of these, you are not alone.

Currently SOC 1 Type 2 pending, Urkel puts all of your mining pool concerns to rest. Contact us to learn more about what it looks like to work with an AICPA approved critical vendor and the new doors that open up for your business.