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HNSPool 2.0 | A New Beginning

March 04, 2020

Hello Everyone -

We apologize for the long delay and we want to update you on where HNSPool is currently at. The pool is officially back up and running and supports any miner of your choosing (see our docs here for getting started).

Here are some of the new features and updates:

No Mining Pool Fees

Check out our pricing table here which shows how much fees can add up on other mining pools depending on which miner you use

Automatic Payouts

Our payout system runs every 5 minutes. The only thing we require is a minimum balance of 5 HNS in your confirmed balance per payout

Compared to 6block who offers hourly payouts and F2Pool who offers daily payouts with a minimum of 10 HNS.

Refreshed Statistics

We updated our landing page to include all essential statistics and charts for a quick snapshot of the network and our pool

Purchasing Hashrate

Finding hashrate can be a difficult task. We have partnered with mining farms to help make finding and purchasing hashrate as seamless as possible. Offered in daily, weekly, or monthly packages.

Earnings Calculator

We have included an interactive calculator on our home page to make it easy for anyone to calculate the profitability of their mining operation

Updated Docs Page

Our refreshed docs will guide you through connecting to our stratum server ( as well as other helpful mining information. Our getting started page can be found here

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we have been fixing and upgrading our service. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments in the HNSPool support channel or reach out directly via email.

We will be continuously posting announcements and rolling out new features so stay tuned!

~ The Team at HNSPool

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