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Urkel Pool is the only mining pool that is fully auditable. No excessive fees. No skimming.


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Transparency at our core

Our focus is making sure the users of our pool know exactly what they earned and why they earned it. We go above and beyond the current standard to provide ease of mind for miners.

Detailed Reporting

Every reward generated and every payout processed through Urkel Pool comes with a detailed report on how it was calculated. We don't have a blockbox that calculating our fees, everything is out in the open.

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Above and Beyond Industry Standards

On top of providing reports such as Proof of Hash, we publish every data point that goes into calculating our miners' payouts. We don't stop there. We also provide detailed documentation to help you understand this and verify your own payouts.

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Urkel Pool has partnered with leading digital asset accounting firms to provide full audits of our financial reporting. This ensures all miners from enterprise farm operators to the weekend hobbyist can have confidence in their operation.

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